Where to Get Affordable Make-Up in Singapore for Students…Sephora isn’t the answer

When we think of make-up, a lot of us think we need to purchase a foundation that is $40, or go get a cushion foundation that is $30. For students, going into a Sephora and seeing these price tags makes make-up inaccessible. Purchasing online is also another option, but sometimes international shipping costs more than the item itself! Here are five places you can get access to affordable make up.


Smoochiezz carries affordable make-up and prices them competitively. They carry brands like LA Color, LA Girl, Elf and NYX. And just saying, their NYX products are often cheaper than the ones sold at the NYX brand outlet store or at Sephora.

To go to a Smoochiezz outlet, they have weekly atriums at various shopping centers – sort of like weekly pop-up stores around Singapore, so do check out where they are right now here. They are also available online for online shopping!

2. Watsons & Guardian

Watsons and Guardian have both recently stepped up their cosmetics game, including many new affordable brands such as Essence, Australis, Palladio, Real Techniques, KATE, Rimmel and Wet and Wild. Take note that some smaller stores will not include all these brands. The Watsons and Guardian at Takashimaya have the widest selection, and are a walking distance from each other, separated by – no surprise – a Sephora.

3. Online Shopping

Certain brands are more affordable on certain platforms than others. There are lots of online shopping platforms to obtain affordable make up – so another tip to save money is to pick out what you like at the retail stores and purchase online! Some examples include Lazada, BeautyFresh and Coma Makeup. Korean brands are often very cheap on q0010 (cheaper than in their retail outlets in malls) and Colourpop has a wide customer base on Carousell.

4. Sasa Pop-Up Outlets

Sasa is known to carry pretty expensive brands like The Balm and higher end Asian cosmetic brands. However, their pop-up stores are where they put all their clearances and also carry drugstore brands such as Elf. Check out where their current pop-up outlets here.

5. Warehouse Sales

Warehouse sales are the place to find huge markdowns – unfortunately, they aren’t always available. This year Revlon and BeautyFresh both organised large warehouse sales that were extremely popular. To keep updated, you can follow these pages to know when the next warehouse sale is!


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