Month: July 2017

How To A Levels: H2 Chemistry

Chemistry might seem like a monster of a subject to study. Topics under physical chemistry usually include a lot of things like calculations (think: ionic equilibria, electrochemistry and energetics). And then topics under organic chemistry are more like solving a puzzle (think: how do I get a carbonyl group to become a carboxylic acid). The skills you need to study for A Levels are indeed many. Hence, this article on How to A Levels will teach you how to study for each topic using different techniques!

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How I Got into University of Tokyo, Japan’s Number One University, with Zero Japanese Background

Some of us might be looking into universities right now be it local or overseas. One path worth considering is Japan!

In 2012, the MEXT program launched the Global 30 Project, where thirty of Japan’s most prestigious universities opened up degree programs taught entirely in English. So while this article is on how to get into the University of Tokyo, note that there are 29 other Japanese universities that offer different English degree programs that might be of your exact interest! On top of these 30 schools, there are also schools that have been offering programs in English for quite some time – including Sophia University (a Christian university) and Waseda University. You can search for the full list of English courses taught throughout Japan here.

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