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is such a big part of Singaporean student life, and it is an action that consumes a lot of our life. Some might like it, others might not. Some might be good at academics, others might hate examinations. When we ask for advice on how to study, we get replies like “oh just study lorh” or “practice every day.” And while that advice is great, that doesn’t help us when we don’t know where to start, how to begin, “how to revise sia” we exclaim exasperatedly. Follow this website to learn how to truly study. Don’t just be told ‘study la’ but learn exactly what to do for your situation.


is more than just an action but a lifestyle. And while studying is indeed a big part of being a student, being a productive Singapore student means having a lifestyle where you are in control of your time. Always had that side hobby you really want to embark on but never have the time? Or can’t get yourself motivated to do work? Productivity allows one to get things done, but also get things YOU want done. And it might not be work! Productivity takes into account your social life, your needs, your sleeping habits.

Don’t just be told ‘sleep enough’, but learn how create a proper sleep schedule so you can do it! I’ve been there before, hang in there buddy!

I hope that through these posts you can learn how to ‘get your life together.’ Build a schedule, a simple morning habit and own your life. Get to live the life you want in school.

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