Where to Get Affordable Make-Up in Singapore for Students…Sephora isn’t the answer

When we think of make-up, a lot of us think we need to purchase a foundation that is $40, or go get a cushion foundation that is $30. For students, going into a Sephora and seeing these price tags makes make-up inaccessible. Purchasing online is also another option, but sometimes international shipping costs more than the item itself! Here are five places you can get access to affordable make up.

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Six Detailed Ways to Study on Your Period

My sister says, “When I’m on my period I just feel like taking a six hour nap.” If this sounds like you, don’t worry, you are definitely not alone. Every single month, we girls have to endure emotional turns and physical pains. It is difficult to bring ourselves to do anything – let alone study and do work – and so, we decidedly cuddle up in our beds instead.

But in reality you just really have to study because, let’s face it, exams are next week and you have an essay due tomorrow. Life goes on! But ‘just study’ isn’t exactly the best advice someone to give…Below are six, detailed ways you can study that take into consideration the fact that you’re not feeling your best.

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How to A Levels: H2 Mathematics

For most, studying Math means just practicing through brute force until something just clicks in your head. The most fundamental part about studying is learning about how to navigate and make sense of the content that you are given. This is actually why most of us say ‘practice makes perfect’ – we do different variations of a certain type of question until we ‘get it.’ While practice does make perfect, sometimes it takes us a very long time to get there and the process can be despairing when we’re groping in the dark for understanding. Other times, we just keep trying and trying but every question is either a hit or miss.

But how do we ‘get it’? Math always seems to be a subject with a ridiculous learning curve.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 9.52.16 pm

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Five Steps to Do When When You’re Stuck

Trouble shooting is an important skill for anyone, not just students. Relying on an answer key or your friends every time you’re stuck will ultimately leave you powerless in an exam.

More importantly though, this has been known to lower confidence and increase frustration levels. In the long run, an ability to troubleshoot translates into greater habits that reflect a lack of grit and perseverance – easily giving up, despairing when you can’t ‘get it’ and building a sense of learned helplessness.

Rather than instantly giving up or feeling emotions of doom, below is a five step process you can take before you give up and go straight to the answer key or teacher for help.

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How to A Levels: Preliminary Idea (Project Work) 2017

One of the most elusive subjects: Project Work. With drafts and internal deadlines approaching for the Preliminary Idea (PI), the confused student might be scrambling for an idea. This year’s Project Tasks are surrounding ‘Integrity’ and ‘Investment.’ This article is not meant to give you a topic, but to show you how to format and approach the PI and your workflow. Know that you will constantly have to realign your topic to fit the task requirements, and to not despair at constant modifications!

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