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Where to Get Affordable Make-Up in Singapore for Students…Sephora isn’t the answer

When we think of make-up, a lot of us think we need to purchase a foundation that is $40, or go get a cushion foundation that is $30. For students, going into a Sephora and seeing these price tags makes make-up inaccessible. Purchasing online is also another option, but sometimes international shipping costs more than the item itself! Here are five places you can get access to affordable make up.

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Six Detailed Ways to Study on Your Period

My sister says, “When I’m on my period I just feel like taking a six hour nap.” If this sounds like you, don’t worry, you are definitely not alone. Every single month, we girls have to endure emotional turns and physical pains. It is difficult to bring ourselves to do anything – let alone study and do work – and so, we decidedly cuddle up in our beds instead.

But in reality you just really have to study because, let’s face it, exams are next week and you have an essay due tomorrow. Life goes on! But ‘just study’ isn’t exactly the best advice someone to give…Below are six, detailed ways you can study that take into consideration the fact that you’re not feeling your best.

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