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How To A Levels: H2 Chemistry

Chemistry might seem like a monster of a subject to study. Topics under physical chemistry usually include a lot of things like calculations (think: ionic equilibria, electrochemistry and energetics). And then topics under organic chemistry are more like solving a puzzle (think: how do I get a carbonyl group to become a carboxylic acid). The skills you need to study for A Levels are indeed many. Hence, this article on How to A Levels will teach you how to study for each topic using different techniques!

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How to A Levels: H2 Biology

Studying Biology is…memorisation? And then you go to the exam and memorise everything only to realise you can’t answer a single question. How to compare this and that sia??!?! What point of comparison? How do I know what kind of R groups this protein has?

While Biology is indeed a content heavy subject, it is more important to know how to frame that content such that it can be used in an examination context. This article will teach you how to study for Biology in a four-step process starting from understanding the topic to being able to answer examination questions like a pro.

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How to A Levels: H2 Mathematics

For most, studying Math means just practicing through brute force until something just clicks in your head. The most fundamental part about studying is learning about how to navigate and make sense of the content that you are given. This is actually why most of us say ‘practice makes perfect’ – we do different variations of a certain type of question until we ‘get it.’ While practice does make perfect, sometimes it takes us a very long time to get there and the process can be despairing when we’re groping in the dark for understanding. Other times, we just keep trying and trying but every question is either a hit or miss.

But how do we ‘get it’? Math always seems to be a subject with a ridiculous learning curve.

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How to A Levels: Preliminary Idea (Project Work) 2017

One of the most elusive subjects: Project Work. With drafts and internal deadlines approaching for the Preliminary Idea (PI), the confused student might be scrambling for an idea. This year’s Project Tasks are surrounding ‘Integrity’ and ‘Investment.’ This article is not meant to give you a topic, but to show you how to format and approach the PI and your workflow. Know that you will constantly have to realign your topic to fit the task requirements, and to not despair at constant modifications!

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