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How to Organise Your Life in School and Never Lose your GC Charger again using this One Principle

Ever clean a room and feel so accomplished thinking, “I’m never going to mess this up again” only to find yourself three days later in the same condition it used to be? Or got all your worksheets and files in order only for everything to be tossed into one big messy file by the end of the week? Yes, so much for organising everything. And the worst part, the worst part, is when your GC dies and you need to charge it for tomorrow’s Math exam…or you wanted to study but spent an entire hour trying to find that one worksheet. So how do you organise everything in your life such that you never lose anything again? Continue reading “How to Organise Your Life in School and Never Lose your GC Charger again using this One Principle”


How to A Levels: H2 Biology

Studying Biology is…memorisation? And then you go to the exam and memorise everything only to realise you can’t answer a single question. How to compare this and that sia??!?! What point of comparison? How do I know what kind of R groups this protein has?

While Biology is indeed a content heavy subject, it is more important to know how to frame that content such that it can be used in an examination context. This article will teach you how to study for Biology in a four-step process starting from understanding the topic to being able to answer examination questions like a pro.

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Why Are You Not Doing The Thing You Have To? A Guide to Removing Distractions and Beating Procrastination in Your School Life

One thing we often forget about productivity is that it is just as much about what you do as what you don’t do. Distractions and procrastination are a huge part of dwindling attention spans. We know what we must do, and there are often incentives to do these things. But there are few disincentives for you to do other things – and often, there is short term gratification from escaping to Instagram for one hour than trying to review that one difficult chapter. So we end up something like this…

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.05.35 pm.png

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Ten Actual Study Places in Singapore That Aren’t Expensive Cafes

You know those articles that tell you where to study in Singapore, and 90% of them are really expensive cafes that will kick you out after 2 hours? Below are ten places in Singapore that are…meant for studying/working. While most public libraries…and your school (hint, hint) are probably good choices for you in general, here are other places you can go if you want a change of pace.

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How to Make a Schedule for the June Holidays in JC

The June holidays are approaching! That means…camps, a one-week holiday, training and hopefully some time to study?

While the great thing about June holidays is freedom, it also means there’s no concrete structure to keep you in track of your progress. And before you know it the whole month goes by…and examinations are going to hit you. Building your own schedule will allow you to keep on track.

1. Here’s the Attitude You Need To Have

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Six Detailed Ways to Study on Your Period

My sister says, “When I’m on my period I just feel like taking a six hour nap.” If this sounds like you, don’t worry, you are definitely not alone. Every single month, we girls have to endure emotional turns and physical pains. It is difficult to bring ourselves to do anything – let alone study and do work – and so, we decidedly cuddle up in our beds instead.

But in reality you just really have to study because, let’s face it, exams are next week and you have an essay due tomorrow. Life goes on! But ‘just study’ isn’t exactly the best advice someone to give…Below are six, detailed ways you can study that take into consideration the fact that you’re not feeling your best.

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How to A Levels: H2 Mathematics

For most, studying Math means just practicing through brute force until something just clicks in your head. The most fundamental part about studying is learning about how to navigate and make sense of the content that you are given. This is actually why most of us say ‘practice makes perfect’ – we do different variations of a certain type of question until we ‘get it.’ While practice does make perfect, sometimes it takes us a very long time to get there and the process can be despairing when we’re groping in the dark for understanding. Other times, we just keep trying and trying but every question is either a hit or miss.

But how do we ‘get it’? Math always seems to be a subject with a ridiculous learning curve.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 9.52.16 pm

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